Intruder Alarm Systems

Domestic & Commercial Security Burglar Alarms

Canterbury based Falcon Security Systems specialise specialise in the supply, installation, maintenance and repair of all domestic and commercial security systems which can be both wired or wireless systems.

Traditional Alarms

The traditional domestic or commercial security alarm activates a siren on your premises when triggered.

Sensors placed at strategic points throughout the building detect movement within the property or the opening of doors and windows wich in turn triggers an audible alarm.

In line with the Police Policy, traditional alarms do not generate an automatic police response.

Friends & Family Alarm

Similar to a traditional alarm but equipped with a direct connection to our monitoring station, which will then contact your designated keyholders when the alarm is activated.

Falcon Security Systems alarm box
Texecom Connect

The Texecom Connect app allows you to control your security directly from your compatible smartphone or tablet device.

Texecom Premier Elite

A highly-flexible control panel for your security system with aneasy-to-use menu-driven interface. 

Police Response Systems

All Monitored Security System are registered with the police who issue a Unique Reference Number (URN) for your premises, use of the URN ensures that the police already have full details of the alarmed premises.

As all of our alarms comply with the strict standard and regulations enforced by the Association of Chief Police Offices and the NSI, a Police response is guaranteed subject to a patrol being available.

Old fashioned alarms rely on the noise and flashing lights to scare away burglars and the hope that passers by or neighbours will notify the police.

Sadly, as a result of badly maintained and poor quality alarm systems, people have become desensitised to the sound of an alarm and rarely call the police.

A monitored alarm system does not rely on neighbours and passers-by. If a monitored alarm is triggered there WILL be a response.

CSL Dualcom

DualCom Pro

DualCom Pro can transmit alarm signals to an Alarm Receiving Centre via radio GPRS path, the radio GSM path and our clients wired internet connection (IP address).

It provides high security, two-way communication with Gradeshift Multi Level Security Grade 2, 3 and 4. If a line cut it enables alarm systems to be monitored by the radio path.


Guard It Security

GuardIT Security

Similar to a traditional alarm but equipped with a direct connection to our monitoring station, which will then contact Guardit who are a homewatch and keyholding service, direct when the alarm system is activated.

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